Make an informed choice about installing your underfloor heating system.

Install it yourself

  • Everything is included in the price. You simply have to install your new floor.
  • Our high-end pre-assembled systems are designed for easy installation.
  • We even provide videos to guide you through the installation process..


  1. Detailed quote with cost breakdown
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Quick installation and project completion
  4. Use of pre-assembled systems and high-quality parts

Have it installed by a pro

  • Fast process. Your new underfloor heating system is just a click away.
  • For Quebec customers, choose from our vast network of affiliated certified installers, all of whom are members of the CMMTQ. For customers outside Quebec, look for your local certified installers.
  • Our pre-assembled underfloor heating systems meet the highest standards and are available at a competitive price.


  1. Worry-free process
  2. Installation guaranteed
  3. A unique product, with a warranty, not available in specialty stores or big-box stores.

Have you received your brand-new underfloor heating system?

Read our installation guide! Our videos will guide you through a hassle-free installation in just a few steps.

Installation Guide